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1.  The site is managed by:

Kotnikova ul. 18, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Responsible person in the company:

mag. Tomislav Dimitrijević

2. Use and purpose of gathering  and processing data:

Personal data is stored and processed for the purpose of maintaining contact with customers, market informing via e-mail, promoting sales, profiling clients with the goal of tailor-made content and products to customers in e-mail and on websites. When you send emails, we'll record impressions on the individuals' pages of received messages and clicks on the links in the received messages. For a better and more focused offer and customization of further messages, the recorded data is automatically processed, analyzed, profiled and evaluated by the interest of our customers for sent messages. Based on the data recorded and profiles created, we do not carry out automated decision-making.

We never provide information to third parties and use them only and solely for our own purposes.

We keep following informations from e-mail:

email address,
We collect personal information with explicit consent of individual customers.

Our personal information is used by our following sections:

Customer support.

3. Storage of personal data:

We store personal data collections on the territory of the Republic of Slovenia and do not place them in other countries.

4. Keeping period:

We keep the personal information of the individual until the consent is denied for the storage and processing of individual data. After the cancellation of the consent of the individual, his personal information is immediately and effectively erased.

Insofar as the aforementioned purposes for which we store and process personal data in our company will cease, we will immediately delete the databases whose purpose is terminated efficiently and permanently.

We keep information about the received messages and clicks on the links in the received messages for 12 months after sending the message.

5. The rights of the individual (s):

Every individual can ask for information at any time for:

complete deletion,
transfer to another provider of related services,
interruption of processing and feeding; revocation of consent for processing and storage

If an individual believes that he is in any way violated his rights from the protection of his personal data, he can at any time lodge a complaint with the Supervisory Body - the Information Commissioner in the Republic of Slovenia: Republic of Slovenia, Information Commissioner, Zaloška 59, 1000 Ljubljana, https://www.ip-rs.si We will do everything in our power to help individuals exercise their rights.