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Blackout curtains

Blackout curtains

As the name suggests, the curtain fabric fabric has special features due to the very manufacturing method and allow dimming of the rooms.

In a special way, a woven cloth that has a hidden woven black thread contains 98-99% of the dimming of the room (DIMOUT  curtains). The darker the color, the greater the dimming effect. With fabrics that have a special white coating on the back, we achieve 100% dimming (BLACKOUT curtains) even when choosing a bright or completely white color.

Of course, in dimming curtains, we must take care of the proper selection of tracks and their assembly in order to minimize the light gaps. Both types of fabric can be laundered and maintained easily. All our fabrics are properly certified according to EU standards.

“TOTAL BLACKOUT” collection consists of non-combustible fabrics for curtains of double width (from 280 to 320 cm). In addition to the basic and dimming curtains of conventional monochrome fabrics, the collection consists of elegant jacquard patterns and silky and natural appearance (flax), always taking into account all standards of non-combustibility.

Although the collection is primarily intended for hotels and other public buildings, it is  more than adequate for home use. The maintenance and washing of curtains makes this collection even more interesting. All fabrics from the collection “TOTAL BLACKOUT” are also suitable for use on vessels, because they have a high degree of resistance to light and heat.

We also emphasize the sound insulation of fabrics from the mentioned collection.

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