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For now, you can buy KA-international goods only in Ljubljana in our showroom. We are happy to lend you sample of fabric hangers for easier decision.
The choice of curtain and upholstery fabrics is a decision process that starts with a comparison of the different sample items available in our Showroom. Samples are available to be taken with you, which means that you can try selected fabrics in your premises. Our collections consist of fabrics of different price classes and different styles.
KA-INTERNATIONAL is a Spanish franchise brand of decorative equipment of the premises and, due to its unique design it is recognisable and famous all over the world. Despite the top design, the brand is placed in a higher middle price class and is a great choice between design and price.
No, we only have a part of the seating program, the rest can be ordered through the KA_DECO online application, upholstered in the fabric of your choice, so that your piece of furniture becomes unique piece of your one.
In our collections you can find curtain and upholstery fabrics, some collections are also suitable for outdoor use, others are FR certified and therefore suitable for public spaces.
No, we offer just bespoke curtains.
Of course, we offer the installation of poles and tracks as well as hanging curtains throughout Slovenia.
All cutains are made in our own workshop. We can organise the upholstery service with our subcontractors.
Unfortunately, most of the measures themselves are not enough. Because of the large number of fabrics that we have in our collections, our offer would probably not fully reflect all your needs. Therefore, we invite you to visit us in our showroom on Kotnikova ul. 18 in Ljubljana and we will be are happy to prepare you a peronalised offer for curtains, seating furniture and all other accessories.
Depending on the size of the order and the availability of the selected item. The average production period for an individual customer is around three weeks.
The elastic sofa covers are universal for each size, since they are made of elastic fabric, which extends in both directions and thus adapts to different types of sofa. The sofa cover covers the sofa from all sides and extends to the ground. The size of the sofa cover is determined by the length of the back od the seating piece. The size of the elastic cover for one-seater corresponds to the length of the back 60-100 cm, the two-seater 120- 160 cm, the three-seater 170-230 cm, and the corner sofa size of 280-530 cm. When you specify a size, choose one of six different colors, fill in the form at the bottom of the website with your information or send us a mail. It is desirable that you also send a phone number, since the delivery service provider will find your address easier and match the delivery time with you. The delivery price is 6,50 eur with VAT. Of course, you can also buy a sofa cover with us in our showroom at Kotnikova 18 in Ljubljana. Delivery time is 2-3 working days after receiving your order.Mostly we have all the dimensions and colours on stock. For bespoke sofa covers, the delivery period is between 7-14 days.