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Curtain office

Curtain office


Ljubljana, October 2015

Architectural Bureau Dekleva Gregorič created a working space separated by the Wool Serge Panne curtains from ShowTex in the building from 1938 in Ljubljana, which provides countless scenarios.

Today, offices must be flexible enough to respond to the changing needs of the work organization, their production processes and the need for personal comfort and technological development.

The project was conceived as a space without a predetermined fixed distribution. The Wool Serge Color curtain system was used to arrange offices, allowing for endless possibilities of functionality and appearance. In a matter of seconds, a meeting room with a large conference table can be turned into a dining room with a mini library and a kitchen. Different offices along the central corridor can be combined into a single open space, suitable for collective work or social event.

The Wool Serge fabric with  represents the ideal combination of acoustic and visual properties for the needs of today’s ambiences.